Maasai Mara, a wildlife enthusiast's dream destination, spans over 935 miles of picturesque African savannah plains, and is home to a diverse array of large and small animals. The Great Migration of millions of wildebeest and zebras in pursuit of green pastures takes place every year in the Mara, making it a unique spectacle. The Mara is also known for its iconic Big Five (Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, and Buffalo) as well as the Big Nine (Cheetah, Giraffe, Hippo, and Zebra) which can be found year-round. The Mara River is home to massive rafts of hippos and monster crocodiles, while leopards roam free and endangered black rhinos hide in impenetrable thickets.Visitors can explore this animal paradise all year round. Whether you're a photographer or naturalist, Maasai Mara is a dream destination for you.

Mara Wilds

The wildlife of Maasai Mara is a breathtakingly diverse assemblage of magnificent creatures. It is a nature lover’s paradise, teeming with an abundance of wildlife throughout the year. The Mara boasts a healthy population of elephant, buffalo, giraffe, lion, and cheetah, which are often seen alongside migrating wildebeest and zebra. Visitors may spot elusive leopards resting on the trees (maybe better if referenced as sitting/sleeping on a tree) or glimpse the rare endangered black rhino. The Mara River is also home to massive hippos and ravenous crocodiles, adding to the thrilling experience of exploring the Maasai Mara wilderness.


Great Migration

The Great Migration is a natural wonder that sees over 2 million wildebeest, zebras, and gazelles undertake an annual clockwise migration across the Mara-Serengetti ecosystem.(if you mention the whole ecosystem then you need to mention when in that round the year migration do these animals come to the Mara) The wildebeest, considered a keystone species, have a profound impact on the environment they inhabit, creating favorable conditions for other large mammals. The migration also attracts large carnivores such as lions who prey on the wildebeest, making it picturesque. This awe-inspiring natural phenomena is a true testament to the resilience and adaptability of these magnificent creatures.


Big Five

The term "Big Five" was coined by early big game hunters to refer to the most challenging and ferocious animals to hunt on foot in Africa, including the African Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Cape Buffalo, and Rhinoceros. Visitors to the Maasai Mara can marvel at these striking creatures in their natural habitat, alongside other wildlife such as Giraffes, Cheetahs, Hippos and Zebras together being called ‘Big Nine’. The Mara is a photographer's and naturalist's paradise, with frequent sightings of leopards and endangered black rhinos.


Birds of Mara

Maasai Mara is a birdwatcher's paradise with over 500 species of birds. Some of the birds found in Maasai Mara include the Rufous-bellied Heron, Southern Ground-Hornbill, Secretary Bird, Kori Bustard, Grey-crested Helmet-Shrike, Superb Starling, Lilac-breasted Roller, and the African Pygmy Kingfisher. Visitors can also enjoy the sight of amazing migratory birds like Steppe Eagle, Montagu’s Harrier, White pelicans, Rufous-naped Lark and many more. This is a great place to spot endangered crowned hawk eagles. The majestic birds of prey, such as the Martial Eagle and Tawny Eagle can be spotted for maintaining the ecological balance of the region.

Maasai Mara