Ecosystem Management

Proper management of the protected areas is essential to minimize the adverse impact on the environment and wildlife.

Sustainable Livelihood

New innovative approach that helps the local indegenous people improve their livelihood while developing eco-tourism and conserving wildlife

Elephant Project

Some Elephant projects involve players at all levels from researchers, local authorities to communities & visitors to monitor and better understand the Mara Elephants and their movements.

maasai mara travels

‘Nature tourism’ encourages “responsible travel that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people”.

Mara Predator Conservation

Various research & conservation projects exist with the goal of helping stakeholders understand & appreciate the value of predators to maintain the Mara Ecosystem.

Anti Poaching Units

Anti-poaching and de-snaring patrols keep the area safe for its wildlife and provide additional security to visitors to the Mara.